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Washington D.C. Trip

02/2022 Letter to Parents - Medical Information

2022 Medical Form

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Important Dates/Reminders

2021-2022 DC Trip Reminders

September 2021 Update

Dear Parents and Guardians:

The planning for the Washington, D.C. trip is well under way. We hope this tradition will add to your students’ appreciation of history, civics, and diversity. We will leave from Poland Seminary Junior/Senior High School on Wednesday, May 18 and return on Friday, May 20, 2022. 

While we desire to include all students in this trip, we cannot jeopardize the safety of others by taking a student who has not demonstrated trustworthiness throughout the school year.  Therefore, the administrators reserve the right to refuse participation at any time to students who:

  • Have displayed a consistent lack of responsibility in adherence to the student code of conduct or have committed an act worthy of exclusion   

  • have excessive absences

  • have lacked academic effort

While attending the Washington, D.C. trip, students remain under school rules. A student who creates a significant disruption of the tour, or who creates a danger for themselves or others, may be returned home at the expense of the parents. 


Abby Aebischer, trip coordinator
Alaina McMahon, trip coordinator
Kevin Snyder, principal
Mike Daley, assistant principal


Rules & Regulations

  1. There will be no alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, vapes, tobacco, or drugs permitted.  Parents are advised to check luggage before the trip.  School administration or a designee will check bags prior to loading the buses.  Bags and luggage are subject to search randomly and/or with reasonable suspicion throughout the trip.  No one will be permitted to take any type of medication (including over-the-counter) without submitting a “Request to Administer Medication Form.” All medication will be administered by school personnel only.
  2. Room checks will be taken upon arrival at the hotel to make certain everyone is in their assigned room.  Once in the room, no one is permitted out of that room without permission of the chaperone, and only in an emergency.  Another room check will be made later that night.  The doors are to be locked and opened only for authorized chaperones.
  3. Noise levels in the hotel rooms, hallways, buses, restaurants, and buildings must be kept low. 

  4. Students are responsible for all money and possessions brought on the trip. 

  5. Whenever you are on the bus, you must abide by the bus driver’s commands at all times.  Movement around the bus must be kept to a minimum, and never shall heads, hands, or any other object be put out the window.  

  6. Gum chewing and candy are not permitted on this trip.  Government buildings do not permit gum; and the bus company prohibits gum, candy, and other food because of possible damage.

  7. Students are responsible for all property in the hotel room. Upon arrival, each room will complete a damage report which chaperones will collect.

  8. You must abide by the dress code and all other school rules since this is a school field trip.  (See “What to Wear – What to Pack”)

  9. In summation, remember: Every precaution has been taken to insure your safety and welfare.  All of you are “ambassadors of our community,” and what you say and do reflect your home, school, and community.  We are proud of you and are happy to share this experience!


What to Wear-What to Pack

Remember, Washington is generally a few degrees warmer than Poland; however, jackets may be needed-especially in the evening. Check the weather before we leave! ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A JACKET FOR THE TRIP.  Recommended: Jackets NOT made of sweatshirt material in case of rain.

  1. While representing our school and community in our nation’s capital, shirts that have silk-screened pictures or “off-color” remarks are not permitted. Hats are not to be worn at any time. BLUE JEANS, SWEATS, AND ATHLETIC WEAR ARE NOT PERMITTED. Also NOT PERMITTED are CROP tops (midriffs must be covered). Clothing fads cannot be anticipated and will be addressed as necessary. 

    • Colored denim is permitted. 

    • Boys are allowed to wear dress shorts. 

  2. Wear comfortable shoes that are good for walking, walking, and more walking. Tennis shoes are best. No flip-flops, slides, or Crocs.

  3. Think about the outfit you put on Wednesday morning-you will be wearing it all day! Be sure you have your jacket on the bus with you every day.

  4. We will leave the hotel each day early in the morning for a full day of activities. We will not return to the hotel until late p.m. If you need contact lens solutions, tissues for allergies, etc. you must take it with you. It will be safe to leave these items on the bus.

  5. Boys - Dress pants/shorts with a nice top.

  6. Girls - Dress pants/shorts, skirts, skorts, or capris with a nice top. Dresses and jumpsuits are permitted. 

*Clothing must follow the school dress code.*


ONE SUITCASE PER STUDENT (SUGGESTED medium or small suitcase/duffle bag) - Make sure to clearly mark your luggage for quick identification. Each student will carry his or her own suitcase to and from the bus. One carry-on of a reasonable size that will fit underneath the seat is permitted on the bus for phone, jacket, etc. PLEASE LABEL ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES.

Please bring a snack to be eaten at the rest stop Wednesday morning. This is only a 15-minute stop; there is no time to purchase food. Our lunch stop will be at a food court in Breezewood, PA; students will be responsible to pay for this lunch on their own.


  • 3-4 comfortable outfits

  • 1-2 pairs comfortable shoes

  • sleepwear

  • jacket

  • 3-4 pairs socks


  • soap

  • toothbrush, toothpaste

  • toiletries, deodorant

  • curling iron, blow dryer

  • towels furnished by hotel* 

  • umbrella and/or poncho

  • sunscreen 

  • phone charger

  • bottled water (recommended 3 per day)

*The hotel provides one towel per person, per day. If you require more than one towel, bring your own and a plastic bag to put them in.

*Students may want to have a small blanket, book bag/drawstring bag, and pillow for the bus ride.


We reserve the right to confiscate any electronic equipment that disrupts the educational purpose of this field trip.

Reading material or small games may be taken for the bus trip. You must use headphones for any electronic devices taken on the bus. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please do not take any electronic games or equipment that plug into the TV.

Electronic devices for listening to music and reading are permitted for use on the bus traveling to Washington, D.C. and traveling home. They are not to be used on the bus during the tour.

Electronic act - means an act committed through the use of a cellular telephone, computer, personal communication device, or other electronic communication device. Students found responsible for harassment, intimidation, or bullying  through written, verbal, physical, or electronic acts can be administered discipline consequences ranging from, but not limited to detention, suspension, expulsion and/or the involvement of local authorities.


Restrictions and Expectations: 

  1. Mobile phones must be muted at all times. 

  2. Use of  mobile phones for any voice communication is not permitted while on the bus, during touring, and/or anytime you are with a chaperone. 

  3. Texting while touring or when receiving instructions is prohibited. 

  4. Mobile phones may possess advanced functions including Internet access, eReader, and video/audio functions. Use of these functions throughout the trip is at the discretion of the chaperones. 

The following actions are strictly prohibited and will result in possible consequences ranging from but not limited to detention, suspension, and/or expulsion upon return to school, dismissal from trip, and/or the involvement of local law enforcement:

  1. The video/audio recording or photography of students or chaperones without their consent.

  2. The use of an electronic device to ridicule or humiliate any person that we come in contact with while on the trip.  

  3. Accessing, sharing, disseminating inappropriate content including pornography, material with abusive language, drug/alcohol/weapon related content, or any  information that can be deemed harmful to minors.

  4. Any and all harassment/bullying and intimidation behaviors per the Ohio Revised Code definition which follows:

    1. Harassment, intimidation, or bullying means either:

      1. any intentional written, verbal, electronic, or physical act that a student has exhibited towards another particular student more than once and the behavior both:

      2. causes mental or physical harm to the other student;

      3. is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational environment for the other student.

      4. violence within a dating relationship.