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Statement from Superintendent Craig Hockenberry - 02/21/2024

Statement - Superintendent Craig Hockenberry - 02/21/2024

The following statement was issued by Poland Local Schools and Superintendent Craig Hockenberry on 02/21/2024 at 2:30 p.m.


Statement - Superintendent Craig Hockenberry - 02/21/2024


February 21, 2024

Poland Local Schools
3030 Dobbins Road
Poland, OH 44514

Dear Poland Families,

As many of you may now be aware, the Poland Local School District experienced a situation involving allegations of sexual assault occurring between two students in the High School Auditorium in early December. Upon learning of these allegations, the District immediately implemented its policies and procedures for responding to alleged sexual assault. In doing so, the District, in collaboration with Poland Township Police Department, immediately conducted a safety and risk analysis and determined there was no on-going threat or risk to our students, but we still put additional measures in place to ensure the safety and security of everyone.

I want to assure you that throughout this process, the District has been in constant contact with Poland Township PD and the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office. Both law enforcement and the Prosecutor’s Office directed the District to cease its internal investigation and to move forward in the most discrete manner possible to not jeopardize the police department’s investigation. The District immediately complied and halted its investigation and further refrained from informing the community to protect the integrity of the on-going criminal investigation as well as the privacy of the involved students.

Please know that the safety, security, and welfare of our students is, and always will be, the Poland Local School District’s top priority. The District has already taken measures to enhance its security surveillance systems for purposes of monitoring the actions and behaviors of individuals within our buildings for the protection of our students, staff, and our community.

At this time, the Poland Local School District will continue to cooperate with Poland Township PD and the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office in the on-going investigation. In doing so, the District will continue to make every effort to maintain the privacy and to protect the confidentiality of the students and families involved in order to allow the necessary legal process to unfold.

Craig D. Hockenberry 
Superintendent of Poland Local Schools 

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