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Poland Middle School 5th Grader asks Classmates for a Valentine's Day favor

Maddie O. with Valentine's Day Boxes

POLAND, Ohio - When 5th grade Poland Middle School student Maddie Ohr heard that it was time to bring in decorated Valentine's Day boxes, she was reminded of the fun she had creating her personalized Valentine's Day boxes in the past. Her wish was to help other students feel that joy.

Maddie O. and Mrs. Martin speaking

Maddie fearlessly took the floor at the 5th & 6th grade Kindness Club meeting a week before Valentine's Day and asked her classmates a favor: to make an extra Valentine's Day box for someone who does not have one or bring in supplies to help make a decorated box.

In the matter of three days, students accepted Maddie's favor and brought in their creations, some students even bringing in their old boxes to be reused. By the end of the week, Maddie delivered a donation of many decorated boxes to McKinley Elementary so that students can use them to receive Valentine's cards from classmates. 

Maddie O. with Valentine's Day Boxes

Thank you, Maddie, for your kindness!

5th Graders with Donated Valentine's Day Boxes

Poland 5th Grade students with donated Valentine's Day boxes
(L-R) Maddie O., Audrie R., Brooke M., Addison S. 

The Boo Squad

Poland Local School District would like to recognize and thank The Boo Squad for donating Valentine's Day boxes to our students. The group consists of many Poland Bulldogs, and their acts of kindness positively impact our community. Thank you, Boo Squad!

5th graders holding Valentine's Day boxes
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