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Graduation Requirements

English 4 credits
Math 4 credits (Algebra I taken in 8th grade counts in cumulative credits and gpa)
Science 3 credits 

(Must include 1 unit of a physical science, 1 unit of a life science, and 1 unit of an advanced science.)

Social Studies 3 credits (World History, American History & US Government + .5 elective)
Health .5 credit
Phys. Ed. .5 credit
Electives 6 credits
TOTAL 21 credits
  • Math units include Algebra 2 or equivalent
  • All students must receive instruction in economics/financial literacy during grades 9 – 12. Students must complete 2 semesters of fine arts in grades 7 -12.

Students must successfully complete one of Ohio’s Pathways to an Ohio Diploma. Information may be found at the following site: